the TALKSTALKSTALKS series resumes this Wednesday, 18 February 2009, at Birkbeck College, 7:30-9:00pm (room: Clore 102 - details below), with:

Stephen Mooney - Discontinuous Visuality - Brakhage's 'just seeing', and
Background Temporality in contemporary poetics

"Stan Brakhage has offered viewers of his films an expanded sense of what the camera can achieve. His influential development of theories of 'hypnogogic vision' and 'moving visual thinking' complicate the ways in which viewers of his films experience the visual. What is presented on the screen often reflects a discontinuous sense of the camera as eye that relates to physical aspects of seeing, and that engages with the viewer's own sense of the visual. [Stephen Mooney's] paper seeks to show ways in which Stan Brakhage's 'just seeing' is useful, in an expository way, in the contextualisation of some of the poetic techniques and strategies used in contemporary poetry in relation to the formulation, and manifestation, of complex temporal structures that invoke a sense of 'background temporality', or sense of temporal engagement that informs the poem, and the performance of the poem. [He] will demonstrate ways in which these poetries can engage with forms of discontinuous visuality, visuality that is fractured and multiply activated, particularly in terms of its temporal operation. Specifically [he] will look at some examples from the poetry of Lee Harwood, Bruce Andrews and Joan Retallack."

*** NB This and the other TALKS in this term's program will take place in Room 102 in the Clore Management Centre, *not* as of yore the Council Room - the Clore Management Centre is in Torrington Square, a 2 minute walk from the main Birkbeck building - see



for the exact location...

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