Hi Zero - 22nd March

The second Hi Zero Poetry Reading Event Will Take Place on Tuesday  22nd March, 2011 at the HOPE in BRIGHTON, UK, and feature the mouths in action of the following poetical subjectivities:

(One third of Grasp Press, editor of AXOLOTL, et al, ROBERT's poems are as rigorous in their concatenation of the moral and political as they are delicious in their prosodic inflection. See his work in HOT
GUN! 1, Damn the Cæsars Vol.... N, AXOLOTL, ate cetera, days all round  but spiked with invoices.)

(Editor of YT COMMUNICATION, writer of verse streamlined in its intransitive commerce of geo-physical interaction rites, her poetry has been published in myriad collections from Shift & Switch to  Infinite Difference to Damn the Cæsars et. al.,;- A Discourse on Vegetation and Motion was pub'ed by CRITICAL DOX in 2008)

(Hayward began developing super-power skillsets in prosodic  declamation prior to the application of these skills to Real-World database contamination of the wingspan. See Hi Zero Magazine One, one  of the 25 numbered copies). See also how his poetry is the impassioned wingspan of the skillset machinating on the Real-World declamation of the Real)

All this and more with sound and people for £4 on the door, posters coming soon.

Hi Zero Magazine 2 will also be on sale. Submissions & letters. Welcome.


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