All the Bourgeoisie Know is How to Kill - Unkant Launch - 6th Oct

The Association of Musical Marxists (AMM) invite you to the launch of two books from Unkant Publishers

Ray Challinor - The Struggle for Hearts and Minds: Essays on the Second World War

Sean Bonney -
Happiness: Poems After Rimbaud

Ray Challinor's book was first published on his Bewick imprint in 1995, and is now out of print. It is REQUIRED READING for any anti-war activist since it demonstrates conclusively that the Allied effort 1939-1945 was NOT a war against fascism, but a war for empire and profits. Challinor's account of ruling-class machinations is by turns shocking and hilarious.

Sean Bonney's book retrieves Arthur Rimbaud from the tired beats and decadents who celebrate him (Patti Smith, Richard Hell, Nick Cave, Aidan Dunn, etc.) and reveals that his joys and sorrows revolved around the Commune, that glimpse of post-capitalism achieved by the Parisian working class in 1871 which the French bourgeoisie drowned in blood.

Our strapline for both: "All the bourgeoisie know is how to kill"

Upstairs at The Blue Posts, Rupert Court/Rupert Street, London, W1 (MAP)

7pm Thursday 6th October 2011

all welcome

Poetry, History, Politics and Music no longer struck dumb by bourgeois specialisation!!
Great words and great laughs courtesy the AMM!!

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