WOMEN POETS AGAINST DSK - 9th March, Cambridge

On Friday night the CAMBRIDGE UNION will play host to celebrity sex abuser and internationally renowned MISOGYNIST: Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

We will march on this event and protest at the Union Society's collusion with Strauss-Kahn, a man who is in no way deserving of t...he uncritical platform he has been given to speak upon that night.

Following the protest you are invited to attend an event that defies DSK's attempt to undermine and silence the voices of women who protest at the gross ABUSE OF POWER by men such as he.

A group of RADICAL FEMINIST POETS including:

***Marianne Morris***

***Nat Raha***

***Laura Kilbride***

***Francesca Lisette***


*** Reitha Pattison***

will read their work at 9pm in solidarity with all those who have suffered as a result of the actions of this man and all those who have been forced to experience misogynist violence and abuse.

There will be a performed reading of a new work by THE PERFUME RECORDIST (contributed by Lisa Robertson) as well as poems read in tribute to Stacy Doris.

All self-identifying women in the audience will be given the opportunity to read or perform as part of this event, should they wish to take part.

The event will also act as a fundraiser for Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre. Reading venue TBA.

Information on the protest event can be found here: https://www.facebook.com/events/353792344651397/

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