Romanian Poets Reading: Elena Vladareanu, Ruxandra Novac and Adrian Urmanov

3am magazine presents contemporary Romanian poetry - Elena Vladareanu, Ruxandra Novac and Adrian Urmanov.

The Rich Mix arts centre, London (Shoreditch / Brick Lane), Saturday May 29th, 7pm, entrance free

For the first of the Maintenant interview series readings 3am magazine presents three of the most exciting and acerbic contemporary poets emerging from Romania since the millenium. Challenging, caustic and resolute, their poetry retains the dark humour so prevalent under dictatorship with the utterly modern vernacular of a generation that has come to fruition post-1989. Attacks on misogyny, sexual repression, political idealism and linguistic correctness are interspersed with exactingly crafted free poetry, literary and resounding, distinct for it’s energy and image, and despite a textual tendency to the climactic, this reading will remain very much literary in style. Performing as part of a national tour, this is a chance to see the brightest young talent from a distinct and vivid European poetical tradition.

Selections of their work have recently been published by Cleaves Journal

Interviews with each poet are available here at 3am, Cadaverine and Pomegranate magazines respectively.

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