Sussex Poetry Festival - 16th April

"A reminder to all you fanatics, fundamentalists, novices, cyberparsons, Thuggees and grand wizards out there in the spiral galaxy of the Word that next week will see the coming unto earth of the first ever SUSSEX
POETRY FESTIVAL, which the zodiacs on aggregate foretell will descend on the campus of the University of Sussex on Friday 16th April at 1pm (everyone welcome, unlimited capacity), then be spirited to the Nightingale Theatre in Brighton (all events sold out, unfortunately) for two days and nights of (upstairs) temptation and (downstairs) its entelechies, with readings, performances, music, sacrifice, genuflection, total immersion metabaptism, &c. No petting. All the readings will be written up above by our two resident goatperson initiates and posted in the virtual beyond, together with graven images, animated idols, voices, tongues of fire, and other relics: watch this space.

We're really sorry that some people won't be able to get in to the Nightingale events. We'll think about how we can get round this problem next year."

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